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Barroccu and Co was established in April 2020, at the start of the U.K. Covid-19 lockdown by Christopher Barroccu. The company specialises in selling the best premier quality micro-fibre cloths with original limited edition art & designs carefully printed onto them.

Christopher, having spent over 24 years working professionally with Cameras and Lighting equipment for both broadcast and private commissions, meant that being able to see clearly through the lens of the camera and his prescription glasses was very important. Christopher’s main duty as a Lighting Director / Director of Photography was to create clean visually perfect pictures. Any dust, dirt or the smallest of smudges that would appear on a lens would show up on camera or on the final edit/broadcast. Therefore, over the years Christopher has spent a small fortune on various lens cleaning kits, from brushes, solutions, to various types of microfibre cloths. However, Christopher found there was never a cloth that could do the job properly. A cloth that could clean a lens quickly and safely, a cloth that can be washed and reused time and time again, and a cloth that was big enough to clean large broadcast lenses, monitors and other devices.

During the recent 2020 lockdown, where Christopher found that all freelance work in the television and film industry was temporally cancelled, he saw this as an opportunity to research the very best microfibre cloths and the fibre combinations that had the potential to clean all types of sensitive applications effectively. It was a personal mission to find a cloth that Christopher could use on his own glasses and lenses so when the TV & Film industry would start back up, he would have a cloth that he could use day to day. When Christopher found a specialist microfibre factory that would produce the quality and fibre combination he was specifically looking for, he knew that there could be a potential market, because the reason Christopher was not able to find a extremely high-quality cloth of this standard before was because it didn’t exist, until now. Therefore, Christopher knew others would benefit from this product also.

Christopher then decided to make each design exclusive by only printing 500 of each making them limited-editions. The first designs that have now been released are called ‘Cacti’ and ‘Blossom of Colour’. Christopher is very proud of the first two cloth designs and has already received very positive feedback from colleagues from the Photography & TV/Film industry, high end optical stores & high end boutique stores across the world. In the near future, Barroccu and Co will be releasing further limited-edition designs.