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Designed & CREATED with Care

by photographers & Film makers Joann & Christopher.

about us

Barroccu and Co was established in April 2020, at the start of the U.K. Covid-19 lockdown by Christopher Barroccu. The company specialises in selling the best premier quality micro-fibre cloths with original limited edition art & designs carefully printed onto them.


“I could not find a good enough quality cloth that I could relay on to clean my glasses, camera lenses and monitors continually throughout the day. `As no such cloth existed I decided to make one. Working with a specialist microfibre factory we have managed to create a cloth that we can relay on and one that can be washed and reused time and time again. It was then we decided to share our cloths with the world as they are too good not to share.”

Christopher Barroccu


Nature provides uniquely exquisite fingerprints in colour and form. This piece transforms a photograph by Joann Randles into a piece of digital abstract art. Where the beauty of the dutch tulips form they own colour palette. 

Glasses cleaning cloth with artwork


Cacti are, amongst the most hardy and robust plants on planet Earth. Joann is drawn to their unique strong structural forms. Adapted for survival in often harsh and hostile environments. Making them remarkable . They are natures true survivors.