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Face Mask Storage Pouch


Face Masks they’re part of the “new normal”, and to help slow the continuing spread of Coronavirus, wearing one is now mandatory if you use public transport, step foot in a shop or order yourself an Uber, but what is also very important is storing one. You will need a Face Mask Carrying Pouch.

Barroccu & Co Face Mask Storage Pouch

Leaving your face mask hanging around at the bottom of your bag or pocket is actually one of the worst things you can do. As is leaving it strewn in the bottom of your wardrobe or out on the kitchen counter. It’ll only pick up bacteria that you’ll later have in very close contact with your face. 

You should invest in a quality pouch or small bag, such as the barroccu & co Face Mask Storage Pouch, which you can store your face mask in. Just remember to wash this often, as you would your reusable face mask, and fold your mask in half to ensure that the inner cloth that contacts your mouth remains protected from any potentially contaminated surfaces.

Barroccu & Co. specialise in the production of high quality microfibre products. Our Face Mask Carrying Pouch is design to take it on-the-go and store your face mask safely between uses. A drawstring will tighten the pouch and not allow any dirt or bacteria to enter and it’s soft luxury fabric is a pleasure to hold. Small enough to store in your pocket or bag knowing that it is protected will give you and your love ones peace of mind. It can be washed and reused so what are you waiting for?