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You use the microfibre cleaning cloth as you would any regular piece of cloth. When your glasses or other applications are a bit blurry because of dust and oil from your face and hands, you just need to pinch the lens between your thumb and forefinger and the microfibre cleaning cloth. For dirty lenses, you could use a lens cleaning solution to help loosen up the dirt and oils.

Use small circular motions to wipe away any oil streaks and dirt from the surface of the lens. Once you are satisfied with the clarity of your lenses, wear your glasses and replace the cleaning cloth into the carrying Kraft envelope supplied.

If your glasses are filthy, like it has not been thoroughly cleaned for a while, then you probably should wash it right now. You just need a bit of mild liquid dishwashing soap and running tap water. Steer clear from citrus-scented variants.

Yes, you can and you certainly should.

The Barroccu & Co microfibre cleaning cloth does get dirty after a while. You will know when your microfibre cleaning cloth needs cleaning if it still leaves streaks on top of the lens.

It is quite easy to clean the microfibre cleaning cloth. However, you just need to remember one thing. They need to be washed on their own or with other microfibre items. This prevents the loose fibres from the other fabrics from clogging the microfibres and rendering them less absorbent than before.

When your microfibre cleaning cloth gets too dirty, it will not be able to absorb any of the oils on top of your lenses and will only push aside the dirt over the lenses and cause lots of tiny scratches.

To wash your cloth properly, follow these instructions:

Start by rinsing – The great thing about microfibre is that it is amazing at picking up dirt and dust but that is what makes them quite hard to wash and clean. To help things get started, you need to take away as much of the trapped dirt within the microfibres as you can. Rinse your microfibre cloths after every day you use them to ensure that you can easily wash them later.

Wash Microfibre Cloths Seperately

The most important thing that you need to remember when washing microfibre cloths is that you have to wash them separately from your other clothes. The reason behind this is that microfibre cloths are designed to pick up anything that they come across, including the loose fibres and lint from other fabrics.

These loose fibres will clog up all of the microfibres, thus reducing their efficiency at picking up dirt and debris. They also greatly reduce their absorbency, thus rendering them useless. To prevent you from wasting all of your microfibre cleaning cloths, wash them separately from your other laundry.

If you only have a handful of microfibre cloths, you should still keep them separate from the others. Even using a laundry bag to minimise their exposure to the other things will not help. If you don’t want to waste water and detergent, just hand wash them under the tap.

What detergent to use with a microfibre cloth

Speaking of detergent, you may ask yourself about the specific type you should use. Your choice should be a gentle detergent. It should be something with no dyes and is unscented. If you have a baby in the house, you can use the same detergent that you use to launder his/her tiny clothes.

How about fabric softener or bleach, you ask?

Absolutely not!

The bleach and fabric conditioner will damage the delicate microfibres in the cleaning cloths. Even a small amount is enough to greatly minimise a microfibre cloth’s ability to absorb water and pick up dirt.

Our concluding advice is to hand wash your cloth with luke warm water if you want to be on the safe side.  With just the right amount of heat, the fibres in the microfibre cloth will start to loosen up a bit, thus making them easier to wash. Then apply a small amount of dish soap in your hands, gentle rub the cloth, then wash off the excess soap with water and leave out to air dry.

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If you want to be on the safe side with your Microfibre Cloth Care, just use Luke warm water when cleaning your microfibre cloth. With just the right amount of heat, the fibres in the microfibre cloth will start to loosen up a bit, thus making them easier to wash. Then apply a small amount of dish soap in your hands, gently rub the cloth, then wash off the excess soap with water and leave out to air dry.

You can, but put it on the lowest heat settings or if possible, turn off the heat. If you want to play it safe, you can hang your microfibre cloths to air dry, we recommend this is the best way to dry your microfibre cloths in our microfibre cloth care guide.

Apart from the things that you should not use on any microfibre cleaning cloths, you should never add anything that reduces static-cling. Your goal should be to make the static cling in your microfibre cloths as it helps pick up the loose dirt and dust.

If you would like to store your Barroccu & Co microfibre cloth at home we advise you to put them in your sock drawer. When you are away from the house we advise you to carry the microfibre cloths in a small plastic bag/pouch just so they will not pick up any lint and debris.

Wash with Water > air dry > reuse

If you have any questions concerning your Barroccu & Co Microfibre Cleaning cloths please feel free to message and we will try our best to get back to you as soon as we can.